The respectful treatment of nature and its resources is firmly anchored in Vinoble Cosmetics' corporate philosophy. This runs like a red thread from the selection of raw materials and sustainable production to the plastic-free shipping of the products.


Vinoble Cosmetics endeavours to use regional raw materials as far as possible for its formulations in order to avoid long transport routes and thus increased CO2 emissions. The ecological footprint thus remains very small. Since the sustainable products contain ingredients rich in active ingredients from the grape and the company headquarters are located in the wine region of southern Styria, this concept works very well.


The reduced product packaging made of glass and wood does completely without an outer carton and thus sets new standards not only in design but also in sustainability.

The closures are made of European ash wood from a local carpenter's workshop. The grape symbol of Vinoble Cosmetics is milled into the wood, the power active ingredients of which give the products their effectiveness.

We want to protect customers and the environment as best we can and also ensure that no plastic can get into the product via the packaging. Therefore, in the course of the complete relaunch in 2019, the choice fell on special UV-coated glass flacons. Although these are more expensive to buy, the valuable ingredients are optimally protected from external influences. We also make sure that the packaging materials come from suppliers in Central Europe.

The sustainable glass flacons are elegantly finished with a textile label on which the product names are embroidered. The cabinware used by our partner businesses for Vinoble treatments is also made of glass.
The application description and ingredients are discreetly located in a multi-layer label at the bottom of the product. This means that there is no need for outer packaging or package inserts.


Even shipping is done completely without plastic, which speaks for a well thought-out, comprehensive sustainability concept. Tissue paper, stylish cardboard boxes and environmentally friendly adhesive tapes protect the valuable products during shipping. We also pay attention to sustainable production when it comes to product folders - these are printed on environmentally friendly paper and PEFC certified, which guarantees sustainable forest management and wood processing (

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