The summer is in full swing, but it won’t be long before we start seeing the first signs of autumn. Even if we’re still feeling fresh and revived from our holiday, our appearance often tells a different story. The many hours in the sun, the salty sea water, the nights of partying on the beach, and the dry air from the air conditioning have all taken their toll, leaving our skin feeling slightly rough and flaky. Probably the sensitive skin around our eyes looks wrinkled and tired. And unattractive pigment spots on our skin provide a further, more lasting reminder of the summer sun. So what magic can we weave to regain our former GLOW? Patricia, owner of our partner institute Cosamo Beautyspa, tells us her secret.



Psst! I’ve got the solution for tired and tarnished summer skin at home and at our Beautyspa.

Home Treatment

We start the treatment with the fruit acid peel. The intensive scrub with a 9% proportion of fruit acid removes dead skin flakes and ensures a fresh complexion. The combination of salicylic acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid stimulates cell circulation, regenerates the skin, and makes it absorbent again. It feels nice and tingly on the skin, so you know that something’s happening! The skin then needs to be properly nourished – with valuable active ingredients from the grape. We apply the regenerating concentrate to the skin, which protects it against aging caused by light and environmental factors, while also reducing pigmentations spots. The highly efficient combination of active ingredients, consisting of melissa and barley extract and the secondary metabolite rutin, protects the skin’s cells against oxidizing environmental effects by counteracting free radicals, thereby preventing premature aging of the skin. We generously apply the lifting & regenerating mask over the concentrate and gently massage it in. The mask intensively nourishes, tightens and regenerates the skin. Tannins from red wine make the skin look smoother, and grape stem cells regenerate the skin and improve its resilience. Antioxidants from the grape counteract aging caused by environmental factors. For veeery tired ladies and gentlemen, I recommend using the mask as an overnight mask once a week instead of night cream. You’ll notice your skin is more radiant as soon as you look in the mirror in the morning.

In summer, it’s important to apply a sun cream – like the protecting day cream or tinted day cream – during the day, especially because of the fruit acid peel. This will give your skin optimum protection.

My tip: VINOBLE fruit acid peeling + VINOBLE lifting & regenerating mask + VINOBLE regenerating concentrate 2x a week = the perfect combination for neglected, tired skin and pigmentation spots.


For an extra boost: COSAMO Beautyspa POWER GLOW signature treatment

In addition to your treatment at home, we also offer a POWER GLOW signature treatment at the Cosamo Beautyspa. It’s our secret weapon for neglected summer skin. In a comfortable and relaxed environment, diamond microdermabrasion is used to gently and precisely remove dead skin cells and treatment residues on the skin’s outer layer. And because true beauty lies within, your hands and arms can also look forward to being pampered, leaving you with a warm glow inside. For results you can feel, not just see! In other words: THERE SHE GLOWS! It’s hard to describe – you need to experience it for yourself.

When you leave the Beautyspa with fresh, glowing skin and a clear mind, you know that a COSAMO treatment not only makes you more beautiful, but happier as well.




Patricia Zacharias-Pregetter – COSAMO BEAUTYSPA

Patricia Zacharias-Pregetter is the owner of COSAMO BEAUTYSPA, a long-standing Vinoble partner institute based in Styria. The beauty secret for everybody can be found on the main square in the center of Weiz. The ambiance itself is so charming and comfortable that you’ll start to unwind as soon as you arrive. The team led by beauty expert Patricia Zacharias-Pregetter is devoted to making every appointment a special experience for the customer.